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About Me

© From the graveyards of broken doll hearts and broken doll dreams~

Dolly Momoiro Is a monster magical girl from Canada. She built a J-pop media community in Toronto called  Toronto Harajuku Style. ( RIP Toronto Harajuku Style)  She independently hosted events such as the Toronto Harajuku Walk and Idol Revolution and more for 5 years. She is also a designer, performer, model, and freelancer but nowadays she's trying to stay more focused on her artistic projects.


Dolly's fashion tastes varies from sweet kawaii styles such as decora, cyberpop, Yume kawaii, lolita, cult party kei. she also can't live without spooky styles such as Visual kei,  Punk, Cyber Goth, and so on.  Most days it really just depends on how she wakes up in the morning but for the most part, her style falls under creepy cute! 

She was exposed to her fashion taste through Visual kei and Japanese pop idol Music videos online From a very young age of 12 years old. She fell down the rabbit hole of creativity by crafting with old pieces of clothing to make something new and stylish. 

Fashion has always been one of the biggest coping mechanisms in her life.


Hight: 5'3

Blood type: Sugar

Spirit animal: chainsaw

Birthday: May 4th