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♪ | Model | Designer | Producer | performer|♪

but most importantly,

Monster Magical Girl

Monster Magical agenda

Add a little bit of sugar and a little bit of spice! 
We may look kinda scary but I promise, we're nice!
Monster Magicals are enchanted entities that live somewhere between reality and the pandemonium of pastel nightmares. We like to dance and spread Our Monster Magical girl energy around the city. 

~This Month's goal: 
Let's just try to make it through the week...

Past Projects | Memorable Moments

  • Toronto Harajuku Style 2016 - 2019

The creator and event coordinator of THS. An independent nonprofit organization that hosts community events based  around Japanese Fashion, music, media, and pop culture. Past events such as Toronto Harajuku Walk, Idol Revolution Fashion shows, and more. Toronto Harajuku Style Also has a dance team for the local events called THS Dance Team. Toronto Harajuku Style Dance Team is now better known as THS.go! Toronto Harajuku style is discontinued but THS.go! Is still active.

  • Triple Fortune Model - 2019

At Dear Lolita Toronto, Canada's First Lolita & J-Fashion Summit Dolly was selected as a model alongside 4 others to display elegant designs made by Icon indie Japanese fashion brand Triple Fortune. 

  • Otakuthon Fashion show 2019

Otakuthon is Quebec's largest anime convention promoting Japanese animation, Japanese graphic novels, related gaming, and Japanese pop culture Dolly Got to showcase her original designs that had a variety of styles and a mix of many vibrant colors. 

  • Shadow Hunter | Netflix 2018

Worked as an extra in an American supernatural drama television series. A few of the episodes were fimed in Toronto. The agency Dolly was with at the time called her in for work on set​. 

  • Screemers  2017 - 2018


Sinister actress at Toronto’s original Halloween pop-up amusement park. Joined in 2017 in House Field of Screams that later rebranded as Winter Horrorland in 2018.

  • Anime North fashion show 2017

2nd debut as a designer showcasing head-to-toe handmade pieces that were heavily inspired by rococo style, gothic lolita, and Victorian era.

ANF 5.jpg
  • Gogo Dancer for events

Honourable mentions

Sub Space 


The Bat Cave


Black mohawk productions


Krampus Ball


Mermaid Ball


  • Idol  Dance groups and other Dance Projacts

Death Raindow Dollz


2010 - 2013

Cafe Delish



Ohayo Raindow Dollz


2013 - 2014

Twin Pinku





2014 - 2015

Kuro Pop





2016 - 2019

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