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Butterfly Cemetery - Pixies vs Fairies
Date: Sunday, May 5
Setup time: 5 pm 
Location: 1379 Queen St W Toronto

1) We are Looking for vendors that fit the theme of the event!  
2) table spots are limited and some tables will be shared. 
3) Table fees are ranging from $15 to $25

Please note that full table sizes are 6/7 feet long and $25. 
Anything smaller and shared is $15. 
If you want to bring your own table it's $15

Once your application is submitted follow-up emails will be sent out after the deadline—April 18th.
Keywords: alt fashion, mystical, magical; goth, handmade, accessories, merchandise, art


Apply To be a Vendor 
What table size do you need?
What kind of items are you selling?

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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