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Alternative & Kawaii Music Entertainers Of Colour

As a performance artist and j-pop anti Idol making my way into the underground music world, I've noticed, spotting out other artist of colour in this field seems to be difficult. Especially, when uniqueness, creativity and style is a factor. I've manage to put together a list of wonderful independent musicians, performers and an hand-full of Idols, all of colour. All of these artist listed below are multi-talented and motivate me in one way or another.


Type: V Is a Solo NYC DJ Producer and Guitarist. He creates Ambient, moving synth based music. hIs atmospheric tracks simulates music from the future, for the future.

Vlad Von Kitsch

Vad Von Kitsh is a spooky draglesque Performer. He is also a Singer, Self-taught Makeup artist. This Demon Doll is from Brighton, UK

Shola Aurora

Solo musical artist Shola Aurora is a Songwriter, Composer, Producer and Vocalist. His music is very inspired by visual kei, western rock and goth influences. He calls it post visual.

Angel Nightmare

Angel Nightmare is the lead singer of Industrial Metal band Midnight Nightmare. He also makes solo spooky Hip-Hop Rap music and plays multiple musical instruments.

Derrick Branch

Derrick Branch is a Rising alternative Lo-fi Singer, rapper, Songwriter and Record Producer from Minnesota, Minneapolis.

We are Band Nerds

We are Band Nears Is an alternative, nu metal, nu hop, rock music band from Dallas. They quote "Why stick to one genre when you can slay them all at once". That is something we should all live by.

Demogoroth Satanum

Demogoroth Satanum is South Africa's first all-black, black metal band.

They will be debuting a brand new song as part of the split album. The album features 14 bands from South Africa, Angola, Uganda, Brazil, Venezuela, Portugal and Finland. Check it out!

Chaotic Emphathy

Chaotic Emphathy is An Artist of Many Mediums and Lead Singer of punk rock band pyschomotoretardation!

Momo Pixels

Momo Pixal is the Video game designer of hair Nah, an MC, Visual artiest singer, and producer. Her music is very inspired by R&B, Soul, and Hiphop.

Galaxy Girl Paida

Galaxy Girl Paida is an underground idol based in Texas with a cute outer Space theme. She is the co-founder of the Overseas Idol Collection. She has performed countless live shows, over 5 of them in Japan. She expresses environmental activism.

Nana Tsukino

Nana is a Magical girl Idol Located in Canada. She runs Sweet Magic Cafe and. is the leader of Kira Kira Magical Idols.

Amina du Jean

Ex Idol Amina du Jean, also known as Aminyan, was one of the first Black J-Pop idols to land an agency deal overseas in Japan in her teenage years. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan.


KuroPOP! is a Jpop/Kpop cover group located in NYC. The group is currently disbanded but they all still remain as friends and dance in other projects. We Hope for A KuroPOP reunion one day!

Thank you for making it to the end!

As black independent musicians, performers and artist sometimes we tend to go unseen. Lists like this are very important to reflect on individuality and creativity. I would love to display more artists here In the future in hopes to see more and more diversity and self-expression in the mainstream and underground entertainment industry.

Be sure to check out every single one of these talented souls~ ~ Dolly Momoiro


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